Assessment Tools

he use of assessment tools can provide a launch for consulting, coaching, conflict-resolution, and training and development needs. The Alice Dendinger Alliance Group utilizes assessments from various sources in an effort to meet the needs of your personnel, your programs and your organization. All of these tools provide both quantitative and qualitative analysis to capture a true picture of your strengths and opportunities.

The results of our assessment tools are one part of a whole system designed to improve the performance of your people and your organization. Services include expert evaluation of results in every tool provided and an understanding of how those results translate to your needs.


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The Alice Dendinger Alliance Group is affiliated with the following organizations providing high-quality assessment tools and diagnostics:

  • 20/20 Insight
  • Inscape DiSC
  • Vital Learning

In addition, Alice Dendinger works with several other qualified consultants who are certified in:

  • Profiles XT
  • Applicant Tracking Systems
  • Emotional Intelligence