360° Feedback

he Alice Dendinger Alliance Group encourages the use of a user-friendly, in-house 360° feedback instrument, 20/20 Insight, which will allow you to gain awareness of your business relationship blind spots.

Multi-source feedback is a systematic way for you to gather insights and information from a variety of people about carefully defined areas of performance. This review process is an ideal tool for discovering areas of strength as well as areas that need to be strengthened. 20/20 Insight has been recognized as the best way for successful people to identify what they need to do in order to improve in their relationships at work.

With our support, your organization can implement a successful 360° feedback process that is customized to your culture, people and ways of working.

Get a FREE 30-day Trial Version of 20/20 Insight, and discover how easy it is to use!


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Planning and Survey Design

The Alice Dendinger Alliance Group will customize the design of your survey to include open-ended questions, user comments, rating scales, special reports and more. At this point a timeline for the entire process will be established.

Survey Implementation and Administration

We will take care of survey administration, web hosting responsibilities and data gathering.

Report Production and Analysis of Results

We will generate survey reports, including any special reports requested, and examine the feedback given. The Alice Dendinger Alliance Group will also form an action plan based on the multi-user feedback, and then share this plan with supervisors, coaches and colleagues to gain support and assistance.