Behavioral Assesment

he Alice Dendinger Alliance Group has a variety of products to help you assess employee and team behavior. In today’s business environment it is important to understand yourself, others and the organization’s culture. The DiSC® Personal Profile is a comprehensive tool that provides every participant with in-depth knowledge about his or her behavioral characteristics and preferences.

Our Alliance Group members help your employees understand that success lies in understanding yourself, understanding others and realizing the impact of your personal behavior on the people around you. DiSC® has unlocked the door to effective communication and productive relationships for more than 40 million people worldwide


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Our behavioral assessment engagements tailor the profile to your specific personnel and situation. Our coaching, facilitation and training programs are backed by valid and reliable assessment tools, such as:

  • DiSC Behavioral Profile
  • DiSC Culture Report
  • Role Behavior Analysis
  • Customer Service Action Planner
  • Call Center Customer Service
  • Your Approach to Leadership
  • Personal Listening Profile
  • Team Dimensions Profile
  • Work Expectations Profile
  • Time Mastery Profile

The Alice Dendinger Alliance Group can also provide you with your own DiSC Facilitation System or EPIC sub-account for use with your in-house talent.