Co-Mediation Mentoring

ave you completed the 40-hour Mediation training and wondered how you can use this new skill in your professional or personal life? Perhaps you complete the training, return to work, and wish you could actually use the process of mediation in your workplace. Many people who complete the 40 hour mediation training also set a goal to become a Texas Credentialed Mediator. The Alice Dendinger Alliance Group has designed a process called “co-mediation mentoring” to assist you in applying the lessons you learned in the 40 hour program and reaching your goals.

When you are aware of an opportunity for mediation, contact Texas Certified Mediator, Alice Dendinger. Together, you will set up and facilitate the mediation. You will learn an approach to mediation, then you and Alice will co-mediate, just as you learned in your training. After the mediation, you will debrief with Alice to discuss “what went right” and “what could have been done better.” You will revisit each step taken in the mediation to affirm and strengthen your skills as a mediator.

The Texas Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) Procedures Act

In 1987, the Texas Legislature enacted the Texas Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) Procedures Act. This legislation sets out as the policy of the State of Texas to encourage early resolution of pending litigation through voluntary settlement procedures. Since the early 1990s, hundreds of individuals have completed the 40 hours of training required to mediate disputes as outlined by the legislation. If you have completed the training in compliance with the Alternative Dispute Resolution Procedures Act or a similar legislation from another state, you would be eligible for Co-Mediation Mentoring.

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Assess Skills

Start with a discussion regarding your goals for increasing your skill in the area of mediation. Increase awareness of your communication style and discover the impact of your listening approach through profile results offered by the Alice Dendinger Alliance Group.


Identify areas of strength and opportunities to strengthen your skills in communication, listening and mediation. Discuss strategy for an action plan.


Conduct an actual mediation between two conflicting individuals. Apply the skills and lessons learned. Co-mediate with a certified mediator.

Debrief and Evaluation

Evaluate the mediation and go over what went well and what could have been done differently. Create an action plan for future skill development.