System Design

he Alice Dendinger Alliance Group will work with your in-house staff to create a process to handle company conflict, reduce employee turnover and give managers the tools they need to be effective. If your organization lacks the structure or process to handle conflict, and unresolved differences are allowed to “work themselves out”, then conflict in your company is having an impact on employee productivity, morale and employee turnover. The best and brightest employees will leave for more supportive environments.

Most current conflict management systems are “closed”, isolating the responsibility to the legal or human resources department. However, the Alice Dendinger Alliance Group promotes an open, interest-based method of dispute resolution. While there are other forms of dispute resolution, interest-based dispute resolution results in lower transaction costs, greater satisfaction with the outcomes, less strain on the relationships and lower recurrence of disputes.


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This is a typical project; however, we can devise a custom program for your organization.

Cultural Assessment

Assesses the current level of employee collaboration, workplace communication, trust and employee satisfaction.

Designing the System

Evaluates the cultural assessment, examines the results and begins to explore various options that would be aligned with your needs.


Works with you to gather materials, resources, policies and procedures, and selects a method and approach for your system.


Introduces the new system, creates and delivers appropriate training, and conducts a feasibility check on the pilot program.


Follows up with a post-implementation survey, collects qualitative and quantitative data, and reports back with needed adjustments.