Workplace Mediation

he Alice Dendinger Alliance Group’s workplace mediation service employs a process in which an impartial mediator helps disputing employees or departments communicate with one another so they reach a resolution that is mutually satisfactory. In addition, workplace mediation explores ways to handle future conflicts and helps repair damaged relationships.

Oftentimes in the workplace, employees will seek an outside legal recourse when the root of a problem is mistrust or miscommunication. They cannot understand why they are in a conflict with a supervisor or co-worker so they look in the mirror and assume they are in a conflict because they are “different.” They feel there is discrimination. Rarely is this the intent.

Workplace mediation is a tool to open the lines of communication between all employees. By talking through misunderstandings and problems, issues do not escalate to the level where an employee believes they need someone else to be their voice in the workplace.

Workplace mediation provides the skill and ability for employees to work out their own problems thus giving them the confidence necessary to successfully perform their job.

In this video, there is a disagreement over performance results. Do employees in your organization often disagree with managers regarding the assessment of their performance? Texas Certified Mediator, Alice Dendinger is often asked
to facilitate conflict and misunderstandings between employees, employees and supervisors or work teams. Listen to this video to try to identify the position and needs of each person and contact Alice Dendinger to hear more about the process of mediation for your workplace.

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This is a typical project; however, we customize each program for your organization.

Discussion With Stakeholders

The mediator gathers background information from key stakeholders regarding the nature of the dispute and the impact on the work environment.

DiSC® Personal Profile Assessments

Each individual in the dispute completes a behavioral profile in order to better understand his/her communication style within the situation and gain an understanding of the styles of the others involved in the conflict. This helps establish trust and cooperation with the mediator and an understanding of the upcoming mediation process.

Workplace Mediation

The mediator facilitates problem solving between the individuals in conflict, helping them create an action plan and clarifying mutual agreements so the action plan is sustainable.


The mediator debriefs with stakeholders and gains support for the action plan.