Capital Investment

The Alice Dendinger Alliance Group helps you increase the potential, productivity and value of your human capital. We work with you to create an action plan customized to your specific circumstances and business requiremnets using proven techniques. HR reviews and audits, strategic planning, systems redesign, organizational restructuring and employee development. This action plan will continue to improve the ROI of your human capital investments long after the consulting engagement is completed.

Our Consulting Approach

We provide HR consulting services to help your organization identify, develop and implement sustainable solutions that improve employee satisfaction, productivity and the bottom line of your business performance.

We ask the pivotal questions that allow you to see things in a way you have not seen them before. This generates new levels of thinking and creates new possibilities for your organization. We believe in collaborative and inclusive approaches to solving your organization’s issues.

Solutions Customized for Your Needs

Just starting up an HR Department?
We work with you to set up systems and processes that are efficient, accurate and legally compliant.

Need your HR department reviewed and evaluated?
We help you create a strategic approach to your HR action plans.

Setting up an efficient and workable performance review process?
We work within your culture to provide a total performance management system: Appraisals, coaching processes and compensation structures.

Having problems with projects?
Through facilitation and training, we will help you prioritize and execute.

Going through a merger or acquisition?
We reduce the conflict and confusion as two cultures merge.

Experiencing a reduction in the workforce?
We co-create a compassionate process, train your managers and help your employees with outplacement assistance.

Experiencing major personnel or organizational changes?
We facilitate the progress through the change cycle and accelerate productivity.

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The Alice Dendinger Alliance Group provides HR consulting services to help your organization identify, develop and implement sustainable solutions that improve employee satisfaction, productivity and thus the bottom line of the business performance.

Can you relate to these 10 common pitfalls in people management?

Pitfall #1

Mandating a performance management process that no one supports or finds beneficial to employee productivity and development. The performance management system does not add to the bottom line and in fact, it is perceived to waste time.

Pitfall #2

Poor or inconsistent supervisory documentation related to employee performance issues.

Pitfall #3

Uncertain status of exempt or non-exempt classification of employees under the FLSA.

Pitfall #4

No standardized procedure for hiring and orienting new employees. Selection and placement is out of the hands of HR and into the hands of untrained managers.

Pitfall #5

Promoting or hiring individuals into management without proper training in conflict management, sexual harassment, hiring, terminating and overall management of people.

Pitfall #6

Outdated, nonexistent, poorly written policies or procedures or handbooks.

Pitfall #7

No system to address complaints or problems and no formal process for resolution of conflict.

Pitfall #8

Lack of confidence and training in conducting investigations and terminations.

Pitfall #9

Group meetings consist of individuals supporting the viewpoints of the leadership with no clear agenda, purpose, goals or encouragement to voice opinions.

Pitfall #10

Interpersonal issues are ignored in the hope they will just go away.