Compensation Solutions

lice Dendinger Alliance Group leads you through the process of developing a market-based compensation system from scratch or improving the compensation system you already have. We can work either on a project or retainer basis tailored to your unique requirements. We can customize our deliverables to meet your needs and timeframes.

          Compensation services include:

  • Facilitate definition or refinement of compensation strategy
  • Develop new job descriptions and/or update existing ones
  • Match jobs with the external labor market
  • Customize pay grade system and salary administration guidelines
  • Train the trainer for compensation rollouts


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We engage closely with your HR professionals and your executive team to establish and/or update your Compensation Strategy and Philosophy and keep all principals “in the loop” as the compensation program activities unfold.

Fair & Objective:

We use your job descriptions or develop new job descriptions, when needed, to understand your jobs and to match them with the external labor market. We collaborate with HR and management on establishing a valuing methodology for jobs within the organization and classifying those jobs into Job Families. We analyze your existing employee data to identify outliers and equity issues and make recommendations for how to resolve them.

In touch with the external labor market:

We benchmark your jobs using industry recognized national and local salary surveys to give you up to date and relevant market data in your competitive labor markets.


We customize a pay grade system and salary administration guidelines to your needs and requirements, train your HR staff in maintaining and administering the system, and provide you with tools to train management and communicate with your staff. Additionally, if needed, we can co-deliver these trainings and communications to your management and staff.



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