HR Review Audit

 human resources audit appraises the quality of HR services, programs and practices in order to get the most from your human resource department. Ensuring that HR records are up to date and accurate and that systems are in place and running smoothly not only protects your organization from legal problems, but it helps your entire organization to be more efficient and productive.

The Alice Dendinger Alliance Group partners with you to review policies, benefits, hiring procedures, records, retention, communications and all of your other HR functions. We make sure you are following best practices and are legally compliant. We examine the major aspects of human resource management at your organization – what you do, as well as what you don’t do – and identify your best strengths,what you could be doing better and how to maximize your efficiency and legal protection.


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Information Gathering

With key staff members, the Alice Dendinger Alliance Group gathers and reviews various sources of information, including policies, practices, reports and files.


We work with you to examine each area of the audit process.


We identify your department’s strengths and recommend actions for improvement.

Action Planning

We will work with you to prioritize the recommended actions. The action plan will include specific tasks to be completed, task ownership, resource allocation, deadlines and deliverables.

Follow Up

The Alice Dendinger Alliance Group will work to ensure completion of the action plan. We will work with you to stay focused on improvements, and coach you through the fulfillment of your set goals.


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