Project Management

hen most projects lose momentum, it’s not for lack of project management skill, but because of issues with communication, interpersonal behavior, conflict, poor facilitation, competency mismatch or lack of alignment with the strategic plan.

Members of the Alice Dendinger Alliance Group have a unique approach to helping your organization execute projects.  We combine expertise in facilitation, communication and change management to help complete and close your projects. Our goal is to help you get your projects back on track by increasing project teaming skills and improving communication.

Our Experience: We’ve helped leadership and project teams address these challenges to deliver their project portfolios to successful completion.

  • Leaders not aligned on how projects should be managed or prioritized
  • Team members work in silos and don’t communicate with other stakeholders.
  • People put in charge of leading projects they were once good at doing, but cannot effectively lead others to execute.
  • Wrong people placed in the right job.
  • No plan for communication or process for handling conflicts.
  • Different departments blame each other for creating roadblocks.
  • Individuals on the team want to be successful even if it means not winning as a team.
  • Different communication styles on a team cause unnecessary conflict.
  • Strategy changes without effectively communicating to the team or stakeholders.

We work with leaders, project teams and/or project management professionals to facilitate organizational and individual communication, conflict management, and change support.  We ensure alignment of your projects to your strategic plan and alignment of skills on your team with the objectives of the project.

Your No. 1 goal is successful project execution. The No. 1 goal for every employee is to make a difference in their workplace.  Getting projects done makes a difference.

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We assist in successful completion of HR related projects as well as organizational change initiatives and projects.

  • Strategic planning
  • Trust building
  • Employee selection and recruitment
  • Performance management
  • Orientation and onboarding
  • Training and development
  • Relationship and team building
  • Employee relations and communication
  • Employee motivation and retention
  • Leadership development
  • Organization development
  • Job design/redesign
  • Compensation plan development
  • Policy and procedure development
  • Conflict management systems design


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