Training & Development

Upgrade Your Employees

The Alice Dendinger Alliance Group begins your training and development project by identifying the needs of your organization and each individual within your organization.

Beginning with the individuals, we help people understand how their behavior impacts the people around them. Understanding this intrapersonal impact is critical to business relationships and therefore productivity. Rarely do employees take time to reflect on the three fingers pointing back at them when they are pointing to others for their success or problems.

The next step in our training is to explore interpersonal relationships. There are no jobs that can be completed alone; everyone has to interact with someone at some point in the day. Our training programs help support success in co-worker and stakeholder relationships.

Group and team development is next. Creating highly effective teams in your workplace is critical to completing projects and supporting your overall mission. Through training and facilitation, members of the Alice Dendinger Alliance Group work with you to increase your team effectiveness.

Delivering On Time

A review of timelines is another important factor when implementing training and development programs. Our approach is called Timeline Training™, a process of examining where your organization is at in its life cycle and how that aligns with employees’ developmental needs. If an employee’s career path follows a timeline of individual contributor to team lead to supervisor/manager to organizational leader, the Alice Dendinger Alliance Group is able to provide training every step of the way.

Most of the training and development topics presented by the Alice Dendinger Alliance Group can be modified for supervisory & employee training, keynote presentations and customized programs.

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  1. Behavioral Style (Yes, it is all about Me!)
    • My Strength and Overuses
    • What Motivates Me
    • How I Handle Conflict
    • How I Want to be Managed
  2. Building My Leadership Brand
  3. Action Plan for Increasing Personal Effectiveness
  4. Increasing Listening Effectiveness


  1. Essential Skills of Leadership
  2. Approach to Managing Others
  3. Communicate to Connect
  4. Communicating Up — You and Your Boss
  5. Direct, Delegate and Develop Others
  6. Motivating Others — It’s More than Money
  7. Improving Employee Work Habits
  8. Managing Conflict — Drive the KARR


  1. Living the Mission, Vision, Values
  2. Building a Culture of Accountability
  3. Employment Laws for Leaders
  4. Respect in the Workplace
  5. Trust and Trust-building
  6. Leading, Managing or Supporting Organizational Change
  7. Do You Inspire Compliance or Commitment?
  8. Interview — Hire — Retain
  9. Providing Performance Appraisal Feedback
  10. Corrective Action through Co-Creativity
  11. Fearless Firing