Customized Programs

he Alice Dendinger Alliance Group is a client-focused consulting and training company. We deliver customized learning programs that achieve lasting results for your company.

We begin by learning your organization’s goals and examining your current practices, policies and training programs, then we design learning experiences around those practices that enhance the performance of individuals and work teams. This way we are able to deliver the solution that best fits your culture, learning styles and people. The years of business and HR experience allows us to incorporate your current programs into customized training solutions or design new programs and processes.

Working with your in-house managers and subject matter experts, we design programs that blend your past success with current needs in order to meet future demands. Our highly interactive and participant-driven programs are aligned with the needs of your organization and can achieve permanent measurable improvements in workplace performance.


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Here are just a few of our customizable program topics:

  • Your Leadership Brand
  • The Use of Power and Control
  • Is there an “It” You Don’t Get?
  • Leading Change through Turbulent Times
  • Ethical Leadership — The Platinum Rule
  • Strategic Thinking for HR Professionals
  • Selling Your Ideas. How to Influence
  • Six “C’s” of Trustworthy Leadership
  • Trust in the workplace
  • Conflict Management: Address It — Don’t Suppress It
  • The Secrets to Employee Motivation
  • Leadership for HR Professionals
  • Abolish Performance Appraisals
  • A to Z of Employee Downsizing
  • Fearless Firing