HR Training & Development

he goal of the Alice Dendinger Alliance Group is to work with your managers and employees to develop their knowledge, skills, abilities, and attitudes, so they directly support the strategy of the business.

There are many ways to improve organizational results: job analysis and work design, technology, organizational structure, human resource development and personal development. We are able to provide support in all of these areas. When the need requires training and development, let’s work together to design and deliver a solution that works for you.

Your new employees start their job highly-motivated and eager to make a positive difference. Our participant-driven training taps that energy and allows your employees to increase the necessary knowledge, skills and abilities to contribute toward your business goals. The training modules designed by the Alice Dendinger Alliance Group prepares your employees for the job ahead and empowers them as they travel their entire career timeline.

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  1. Behavioral Style (Yes, it is all about Me!)
    • My Strength and Overuses
    • What Motivates Me
    • How I Handle Conflict
    • How I Want to be Managed
  2. Building My Leadership Brand
  3. Action Plan for Increasing Personal Effectiveness
  4. Increasing Listening Effectiveness


  1. Essential Skills of Leadership
  2. Approach to Managing Others
  3. Communicate to Connect
  4. Communicating Up — You and Your Boss
  5. Direct, Delegate and Develop Others
  6. Motivating Others — It’s More than Money
  7. Improving Employee Work Habits
  8. Managing Conflict — Drive the KARR


  1. Living the Mission, Vision, Values
  2. Building a Culture of Accountability
  3. Employment Laws for Leaders
  4. Respect in the Workplace
  5. Trust and Trust-building
  6. Leading, Managing or Supporting Organizational Change
  7. Do You Inspire Compliance or Commitment?
  8. Interview — Hire — Retain
  9. Providing Performance Appraisal Feedback
  10. Corrective Action through Co-Creativity
  11. Fearless Firing